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Important information you should know when boarding your pet at BlooMoon

Because your pet's health and safety are of primary concern, we require your pet to be current on certain vaccines. Owners must provide BlooMoon with documentation from your veterinarian showing when your pets vaccines were given, and more importantly, when the next vaccines are due.

BlooMoon requires dogs to be current on Distemper/Parvo, Para Influenza, Bordetella, Canine Influenza and Rabies.

BlooMoon requires cats to be current on Rabies, Leukemia and FVRCP.
BlooMoon operates much like a hotel for people. Just like checking into a hotel for people, boarding charges begin on the day of drop off regardless of time. And much like a hotel for people, there is a check out time which is 12 noon. Therefore, there is no charge for the departure day Monday through Saturday if you check your pet out by 12:00 noon! If you check your pet out after 12 noon, the next billing cycle has begun and you will be charged for that night as well. There is always a full charge when picking up on Sunday, which means if you drop off your pet on a Saturday and pick up on Sunday it is a 2 night charge. Boarding dogs who are being groomed may check out as late as 2 pm, if the groom is on the day of departure, with out a charge. It is best for your pet that you check-in NO LATER than one hour before closing. Advance reservations for all holidays and for weekends are advised.

Check In Hours
It is best to check your pet in at least one hour before we close. You may check your pet in to BlooMoon anytime during our business hours. Allow up to 30 minutes for check-in if your and your pet are new to our facility. You will be charged for boarding the day you check in, regardless of what time you check in.

Check Out Hours
Check-out time is 12 noon, Monday through Saturday, to avoid an extra day’s charge. There is always a charge for Sundays. If you pick up your pet before your scheduled check-out date, you will be charged for any remaining reserved days unless appropriate notice has been given.

Early Pick Up
We require a 24 hour change notice at all times for early pick up or you will be charged for days reserved. During holidays we require additional time notice.

After Hours Check-In or Check-Out
Checking in or out after office hours is available by prior arrangement or reservation only. The charge for after hours service is an additional $35.00 fee.
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We do not charge an additional fee for administering the medications your pet may require. We ask that you provide us with clear directions as to how much and how often medications need to be given.

Dogs boarding are fed an am and pm meal of Bil-Jac at BlooMoon. Some owners prefer to keep their dog on the food provided at home. We do not charge additionally if you prefer to bring your own food. Please bring food in a sealed container - not an open bag or container. Please provide us with clear feeding instructions if bringing your own food. BlooMoon is "Raw Food" friendly for those feeding their pets a raw diet.

Cats at boarding are provided with Purina Indoor formula and as with dogs, owners are welcome to bring their own food in sealed packages with complete feeding instructions at no additional charge.

BlooMoon will provide soft bedding for your dog during it’s stay. If your dog chews soft bedding provided by BlooMoon, you will be charged for the cost of the bed. You may bring your own bedding as long as your house-hold is non-smoking.

Bringing Toys from Home
We ask that you clearly label such items with your last name and the pets name and limit it to 3 items total. We cannot guarantee the return of these items although it is our goal to send your pet home with everything he check in with. Please only bring items you consider to be “disposable”. Do not bring your pets favorite toy since it may not come home with you. We suggest you bring new toys that will stimulate your pet’s interest.

Rates and Services

Dog Boarding Single: $25.00 per day for a single dog in a run. Dogs boarding 7 nights or more receive a FREE boarding bath prior to checkout!

Dog Boarding Double: $20.00 for the second house mate sharing a run with the first dog - i.e. a total of $45 per night for the two dogs sharing. Dogs boarding 7 nights or more receive a FREE boarding bath prior to checkout!

Pit Bull Boarding: $30.00 per day. Pit Bulls may not share a run with another dog, nor are they allowed yard time with other dogs or with other dogs in adjacent yards.

Any dog staying 7 nights will receive a complimentary bath.

Monthly boarding (30 day Minimum): $20.00 per day (a 10 % discount) - Monthly boarders must provide their own food or purchase from BlooMoon. Monthly boarders will be given complimentary baths and will enjoy extra attention & play time

Cat Boarding Single: $14.00 per day

Cat Boarding Double: $12.00 for a second cat from the same family boarding with us. ($26.00 per night for two cats boarding)

Critter Boarding: $5.00 per day - Pets that aren’t cats, dogs or birds! Rabbits, hedgehogs, ferrets, and reptiles are welcome. Owners must proved an appropriate diet and bedding for the pet's stay.

Large Bird Boarding: $8.00 a day - Parrots, Macaws, Conures and similar sized birds. Owners must proved an appropriate diet for the pet's stay.

Small Bird Boarding: $6.00 a day - Parakeets, Finches, Cockatiels and similar. Owners must proved an appropriate diet for the pet's stay.

Doggie Daycare: $10.00 per day. We welcome dogs 9 weeks old and older. Pets must meet all standard boarding requirements (for its age). Day care includes free playtime and treats.

Pickup and Delivery - Available by Reservation only. .50 cents per mile each direction with a $20.00 minimum.
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Extra Special Services

Group Playtime: $2.00 a day. This service is available with your consent when your dog stays at BlooMoon if your dog is spayed or neutered. S/he will play with other dogs of similar temperament, size and play style. If your dog does not pass our temperament test, she / he will be outside twice each day in the play area by itself.

Grooming: By appointment. Reservation required. $20.00 and up based on size. Additional fees will be charged for dogs with excessively matted hair. For more information on our complete grooming services go here!

Boarding Bath: Dogs boarding 7 nights or more get a FREE boarding bath!
Dogs boarding 3 nights up to 6 nights - $15.00
Dogs boarding 2 nights or less - $20.00

Kong Time
: $2.00 a day - Kongs are stuffed with tasty treats and frozen!

Private Time: $5.00 for 20 minutes of petting, brushing, or hanging out - what ever makes your dog happy!

Private Walk - $5.00 walk around the property

Ball Toss / Frisbee- $5.00 - 30 minutes 2 x’s a day

Senior Time - $5.00 a day - You tell us what your senior dog needs during private time.
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Group play is conducted under the supervision of a Kennel Tech and is available for dogs of similar temperament who are spayed or neutered. Fun!
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Please feel free to come tour our facility any time during our business hours. We would love to show you all the things that make staying at BlooMoon a pleasure for your pet.

"I would like to thank you for the extra hugs for Pinta. Yes, she is a very good dog.
Thank you very much and the staff also for the nice treatment of Pinta.
You have a wonderful heart.
How wonderful to know if we need to go again, Pinta has a safe place.
Thank you very much "