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All of our canine guests enjoy sleeping on a Kuranda Bed! These wonderful beds are cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and are super comfy. We add additional soft bedding as needed, or feel free to bring your clean bedding from home for you dog to enjoy!

Canine guests are happy at BlooMoon!

Dogs boarding at BlooMoon are given lots of outdoor time in our big grass yards. The day at BlooMoon begins with each dog going outside to run, stretch and "do their business." Next comes breakfast which is served in a sterilized stainless steel bowl.

Throughout the remainder of the day dogs are given off-leash yard time approximately every 2 to 3 hours, which is more often than most dogs go out at home. This gives them the opportunity to get plenty of exercise while boarding with us.

Supper is served late day followed by another yard time. The last yard time of the day is typically between 10 and 12 pm.

The majority of our canine guests learn the schedule very quickly and because dogs are creatures of habit, this works well to help alleviate stress while boarding.

Our boarding guests are served Bil-Jac, a moist, meaty premium food that most dogs love and most dogs transition well on and off of. If you prefer your dog to remain on the food you use at home, we are happy to feed it for you - simply bring the food in a sealed container with proper amount instructions.
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Guests are served a breakfast and a supper with lots of tasty treats in between. Owners may provide the dogs diet from home if preferred. BlooMoon is "Raw Diet" friendly.
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Every dog has a "sea side" view! The fish tanks serve an important purpose. Watching the fish is very calming for canine guests and our staff. Each evening the music in the facility is turned to classic or smooth jazz and the kennel ights are turned off. The tank lights remain on during the night. What a lovely sight!
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Beyond the basic yard time, owners may add additional services to their pets stay such as ball toss/frisbee time, petting time, or pool time. Our staff loves the interaction with the guests - it's what makes our jobs so rewarding!