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Feline guests enjoy playtime each day in our sunny cat room

Cats boarding at BlooMoon are in for a treat. Our cat condos have two rooms! On one side is the litter box, and in the other "room" is the cats bed, food and water. Each side of the two room condo has a perch for kitties who like to have a superior point of view (we suspect they all do!).

Cats boarding are allowed time each day to play on the large cat furniture, play with toys and look out a large window with a view of the bordering woods and a bird feeder. If cats are boarding individually, they are allowed time alone loose in the cat room, therefore cats take turns having access to the room. Families of cats boarding can be out together.

We feed Purina Indoor formula to our kitty boarders. Owners may choose to bring their own food as long as it is in a sealed container and feeding instructions are provided.

Cats who are worried or fearful are given lots of space and time to acclimate to BlooMoon. We understand that some cats are quite shy and need to be given their privacy. Cats who enjoy people are given plenty of petting. Owners may add brushing to the agenda as well!

Any medicines necessary are given to our boarders at no additional charge. Medicines must be in containers labeled properly for dosage. We even administer insulin to diabetic boarders at no additional charge.

Cats that have been groomed as kittens and young adults may be eligible to visit our professional groomer. Grooming reservations can be made in advance of the stay or during check-in.
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Cats are required to be current on Rabies, FVRCP, and Leukemia in order to board.
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"Cuddle cats" are given lots of extra pets and enjoy interacting with our experienced Kennel Techs.
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Each condo is a two room habitat. Condos are cleaned daily and boarders are given sterilized clean feeding and water bowls daily. All cats are provided with plenty of fresh cool water served in crockery bowls.