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"Bucky" the Macaw enjoys time on a play perch in our BlooMoon exotic room. Birds may have time loose in our room if they are well trained in play areas and are finger/hand trained.

Feathered or furry, exotics have a place to stay at BlooMoon

Your sister is afraid of birds and your friends don't like the mess or noise - what to do? Board them at BlooMoon! BlooMoon staff are skilled at caring for birds and other small animals.

We have a number of small animal habitats as well as a large bird cage for boarding guests. Depending on what you are boarding, you may need to bring your own enclosure or cage.

Please bring your food from home for your pet, as there are too many options for us to stock a proper diet for every pet. We are happy to follow your feeding and care instructions.

BlooMoon has cared for rabbits, hedgehogs, ferrets, reptiles (including non-venomous snakes) and a wide variety of birds. So the next time you want to take a vacation, let your exotic vacation with us!
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